Moisture problem in the basement


Wet and leaky basement is a serious problem that should not be underestimated. And if you see the signs of moisture penetrating into the house you should have it inspected by professionals.
Why moisture in your basement is dangerous?
When excessive moisture accumulates in your basement due to internal or external leaks it is not only unpleasant smell.
Moisture in your basement:
– Causes further deterioration of the concrete foundation;
– Destroys the construction materials, causes wood to warp, pipes to rust , creates a danger of short circuit with the wiring;
– Damages finishes;
– Turns parts of your house into unusable space;
– Creates conditions for dangerous mold and mildew to settle and spread.

Wet and leaky basement is not a minor inconvenience, even if you are not using it. It affects the condition of your entire house and your family. Not to mention, it brings its market value down dramatically.

What are the signs of excessive moisture?
As a homeowner you should inspect your house for the signs of moisture at least twice a year – in spring, when the snow melts and in the fall, after excessive rains. Theses are the signs you should watch out for:
– Wet spots on the exterior of the house;
– Visible cracks in the foundation;
– Musty wet smell in the basement;
– Warping materials and peeling paint;
– Lifting flooring and wet carpet;
– Mold stains;
– Excess water when you run humidifier;
– Visible wet spots.

If you noticed any of these signs you should contact the experts as soon as you can to get a comprehensive conclusion.
Wet and leaky basement is not a problem that will get resolved by itself, or simply go away. It is not a one time occurrence. Once the moisture shows, it will get worse.

What are the common causes of wet and leaky basement?

Leaky roofs are one of the most common factors leading to water buildup around or even in the basement.
The blocked gutters and downspouts, fail to divert water from the house and often lead to wet walls and water accumulation around foundation.
A simple plumbing leak, hidden by the drywal can go unnoticed for years creating water buildup in the basement. Blockages in sewers revert the water flow towards the substructure.

Hydrostatic pressure:
When the soil around the house lacks sufficient drainage, the hydrostatic pressure causes water to penetrate through the pores in concrete foundation. It causes further concrete disintegration and leads to forming cracks, resulting in more water coming in.

Basement floor and wall cracks might be caused by the shrinkage or setting of the house, which naturally occur within 8 years of the house construction. Once the cracks start showing the moisture easily gets in. It is especially dangerous during the freeze and thaw periods in the early spring when the water gets in the cracks and freezes expanding the cracks.

The Solution:
At Edko Enterprise we take very thorough approach during the inspection. Determining the cause of the leak accurately is half the battle won. Moreover, it is important to think one step ahead and identify even potential risks and alleviate the future problems as well. It is one of the key factors in our success.

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