interior waterproofing


If you have discovered moisture in your basement and have been avoiding dealing with it as your exterior foundation is not accessible, or you simply could not afford exterior waterproofing, there is a solution.

Your basement space will become functional again with interior waterproofing! Yes, if you are unable to protect your foundation on the outside focus on the inner wall of your basement instead.
There are many situations when interior waterproofing is used and proves effective:
• Inaccessible outer part of the foundation;
• Extremely wet soils making it impossible to dig;
• Narrow opening between the buildings;
• Budget considerations.
• Addition layer of protection on the interior perimeter of the foundation.

Interior basement waterproofing – step by step:
Interior waterproofing follows the same principles as exterior waterproofing
• The concrete floor is broken down on the interior of the perimeter within a 1? from the wall;
• The trench is dug;
• The weeping tile is installed in the dug renchand connected to a drain or sump pump;
• A dimples sheet of drainage membrane is installed along the basement wall;
• Gravel installed around the weeping tile for drainage;
• The trench is sealed.

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We can solve any leaking basement problem.

Installed properly the interior waterproofing will eliminate all the moisture problems and you will enjoy safe and livable space again.
Our interior waterproofing drainage system is guaranteed to solve the leaky basement problem, which is confirmed by our warranty.
If your basement is showing clear signs of moisture, but you can not do an exterior waterproofing – call us to book a consultation for interior waterproofing.



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