Foundation cracks are very common, it is very easy to overlook their appearance and fail to notice the ones that signal serious problems that require immediate repair over cosmetic ones.
Cracks appear in house foundation for various reasons. Most common is the simple fact that within 8 to 12 years after construction the house settles, the soil around it shifts and it puts extra pressure on the foundation. Once tiny cracks form – it is easier for water and moisture to get in, and then the constant temperature fluctuations, freeze and thaw cycles contribute to its deterioration.

Foundation Cracks that signal foundation problems:
Bowing Foundation Walls Foundation walls always experience pressure of the surrounding soil. Increased clay content in the soil, hydrostatic pressure and frost create extra risk factors that add to the pressure. As the result, the foundation wall bows in. To prevent the walls from collapsing under pressure wall anchors or force wall braces have to be installed to redistribute the pressure.

Basement Floor Cracks As over time the weight of the house redistributes over its foundation and the soil moves under the house weight. As the result concrete floor cracks, either because empty spots form underneath, or added pressure from the soil under the concrete floor.

Heaving Foundation The soil pressure cause the foundation to expand and shift causing it to crack in the points where the pressure is too high.

Settling foundation Although whren the house is built the extra pressure for various shifts is allowed for in the calculations, the settling foundation is a common fact. Settling foundation will not necessarily show the cracks in the foundation, it could be cracks around the chimney are or running across the facade.

Foundation wall cracks – The same processes couse foundation to crack inside or outside. What makes it difficult to detect is that sometimes the area is hidden from the eye, and the damage becomes apparent when it is already too late and water starts seeping into the house.

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Foundation crack repair project starts with thorough assessment of the situation. Simply patching up the cracks will not work, and in fact may make the matters worse. After the cause of the cracks is determined and the problem identified we will offer the optimal solution to address the problem.
We will use our many years of knowledge and thorough knowledge of structural engineering to take care of the damage, and eliminate future problems.
If you are noticing appearance of the cracks on the basement floor or on the foundation walls call us for the expert evaluation.


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