exterior waterproofing


Exterior basement waterproofing is used when the foundation shows the signs of water penetration from the outside. Over the years the house settles, the soil around it shifts, and most of original materials that were used for its construction start to deteriorate. As the result the concrete foundation loses its ability to keep the water away from your basement.

Exterior basement waterproofing steps:

• Excavation around the foundation perimeter;
• Replacing weeping tiles around the perimeter of the footing;
• Application of waterproof rubberized urethane to the foundation exterior;
• Application of synthetic membrane and dimple board to divert the water to weeping tile;
• Cover the weeping tiles and gravel with geo-textile cloth to prevent the system from clogging;
• To fill in the sil and grade the area to divert water away from the house.

While the work on exterior waterproofing of your foundation is done, the interior of the basement remains intact.
After exterior waterproofing we will go over potential gutter and duct drainage problems and point out the areas of concern. We also will point out any potential problem from the tree roots that can potentially undermine the newly installed system.

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We can solve any leaking basement problem.

Managing External Moisture Infiltration

At Edko Enterprise we go extra mile to make sure the exterior waterproofing applied by us will serve you long. After undergoing a major project like this you will not want to end up needing it done in a few years.
We make sure that all waterproofing steps are completed. We simply do not want to give a dangerous moisture a second chance. We install the new drains and geo-textile filters to add an extra level of protection to weeping tiles and gravel draining area. Our specially designed system diverts water away from the footers and keeps it way beneath the foundation.
Once installed the system will stay efficient and leak free for years, unless it suffers physical damage from excavation or damage from the tree roots.

Basement Waterproofing Costs

Exterior foundation waterproofing costs may range from 5000 to 15000 depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the house, as well as on the scale of the damage.
We will offer a detailed quote, and will go over the process in detail so that you will know exactly what to expect before we start the project.
Although it is quite a substantial number for an average homeowner, it still is much less than the damage your home will suffer if the problem will not be addressed on time.
For additional peace of mind we offer a 25 year transferable warranty on our workmanship.
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