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If your basement retains moisture and frequently basement do not put away resolving the problem till better times. The truth is, it will never go away by itself, no matter how much we would hope for it.

Moisture problem in the basement will cause the foundation concrete to deteriorate by expanding cracks and crumbling the concrete:

Promote growth of mold, and spreading its spores around the house.
Damage drywall, flooring materials, warp the studs and any materials that will come in contact with it.
Promote rusting of pipes and jeopardize integrity of electrical system.
Will damage the furnishings.
Will render areas of your home not suitable for living, or even, storage.

That is why if you notice the signs of excessive moisture in the basement do not shy away from solving the problem, delay will result in higher bills and quite possible, serious structural damage.

Most common wet basement causes:
Whatever leaks in your house from roof to plumbing or foundation – the water will end up accumulating in the basement. Sometimes it is challenging to diagnose – most leaks are invisible behind the drywall. For us, during the inspection it is crucial not to take a simple plumbing problem, or leaky roof for a leaky foundation. This is where a team with experience matters.

Exterior waterproofing
Interior waterproofing
Filling cracks
Hydrostatic pressure

Excess of moisture in the soil creates enough pressure to push the water through the pores and small cracks in the concrete foundation. Hydrostatic pressure may also prevent excess water from the sump system to leave the system, which may result in overflow. Some areas may have a higher hydrostatic pressure due to the soil water retention properties (suck as clay or higher silt content), or proximity to the water. Some areas are more prone to flood during storms and melting snow due to the terrain.

Exterior waterproofing (interior waterproofing if the other way not possible)
Sump pump

Foundation and basement floor cracks:
The cause behind the foundation and basement floor cracks are harder to diagnose, as it does require more thorough structural assessment.
The Solution:
Filling cracks combined with other methods required to to prevent the appearance of further cracks.
At Edko Enterprise we are proud to offer the full range of waterproofing services that will reinforce your house foundation and make your basement appealing and functional space.
Call us for professional estimate if you feel like you have wet or leaky basement.