Basement underpinning


Need an extra bedroom, a family room, or need an extra space for running your home based business but your basement ceilings are not high enough to renovate? There is a solution! Basement underpinning!

With skyrocketing real estate prices in Toronto, and GTA and increasing time for commute if you choose to live in the suburbs, many of the homeowners turn to optimising their current home layout to accommodate all their needs.

What is Basement Underpinning?
Basement underpinning is a method used to increase the foundation depth by extending it depthwise.
It is done to:
• Add extra height to the basement and turn it into livable space;
• Add to the height of the house (build a second floor), as it can carry extra weight and allows to alter building height;
• Reinforce the foundation to add to the stability to an older house;
• Repair the foundation and improve its waterproofing.

As all the structural alterations to the building basement underpinning will require building permit, approved architectural drawings and structural engineer approval. But the work, time and money spent on the project will still cost less than moving from the area which you enjoy so much and where you have settled already.

Basement underpinning has some limitations that can be determined by professionals. Before the construction process begins.

Basement Underpinning Process – what to expect:

• Basement cleared, demolished if it was finished;
• Transporter installed to remove excavated soil through the window;
• Concrete floor removed;
• Walls underpinned by segments;
• Soil from the floor excavated and removed;
• Interior drainage, sump pump, and sewage ejector installed;
Interior and exterior waterproofing installed;
• Concrete floor installed.

Now you can finish your extra space and really enjoy it while having added a substantial value to your home!
A major project like this requires expertise and extensive experience and we at Edko Enterprise are great at that. We are certified and bonded for any scale of project and take pride in our work.

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We can solve any leaking basement problem.

With us you will be sure you are in great hands and your underpinning project will go smoothly. You will be sure we are there from start to finish and will not disappear in the middle of the project to work on something else.
Working with Edko Enterprise you will enjoy:
• Competitive pricing
• Expert team of all the trades you ever need on site
• Predictable project time frames.

With us you will have to worry only about the decor of your new beautiful space.

If you are planning a basement underpinning contact us to get a detailed quote and detailed project requirements.



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